Glasses like never before.


Plain frosted film is designed to be applied to your existing window or glass to give it a 'frosted glass' appearance with minimal loss of natural light. They are perfect for adding privacy or as a contemporary alternative to net curtains and blinds. Frost films are affordable and require little maintenance apart from a wipe with soapy water once a year.


Our printed frosting is a stylish way to add privacy and fulfill your obligations to building regulations for glass manifestations and partitions. This material is printable, which means we can produce any image or pattern on the frosted material to add a visual design feature that adds color and personality to your space adding vibrancy, transforming a design with extra depth and clarity.


Plotted frosted films are ideal to add a level of privacy whilst allowing you still to see out. As a rule, the tighter the pattern the more privacy. These films are ideal for commercial interiors, office partitions and medical centers or schools. Please note that these films are not designed for 24h privacy, but more to enhance privacy.


This visually clear film is 100% transparent, making it ideal for glass and window manifestations in offices buildings and retail spaces alike. This material allows us to reverse an image so that it can be adhered to the inside of a window, making it visible from both sides, but readable only from the outside; perfect for retail windows. In addition, it also increases the vibrancy to really catch the attention of those passing by.


A truly ingenious product, one-way vision (perforated) film is an interior and exterior product that can be applied on windows and provides a clear view from one side allowing you to see through the image from the other side. It is also ideal for applications where you wish to provide privacy for individuals behind large plates of glass, or where you are looking for the "one-way" effect without the use of one-way mirrors'.


UV light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to your furnishings, flooring, precious art and photographs, as well as your very own skin. Sun-control films help reject solar heat and block over 99% of harmful UV light - protecting your valuable assets and interior furnishings from expensive sun damage.